A combination of curiosity, scientific fervor, and my dog-obsession drove my decision to utilise a canine DNA testing kit.

I, like many americans, own dogs of many breeds. A lot of people ask me, “what kind of dog is that?” when we go on a walk or to the pet store. People are fascinated by vera’s unkempt hair and scout’s icing-on-the-the-cake fur. In the past, i had no idea how to answer this question. As a child, i used to make fun of vera’s half-dinosaur genetics and scout’s shrink-ray injury.

If it weren’t for contemporary technology, it wouldn’t have had to be this way.

Find out how dog DNA tests operate, how much they cost, and which are the finest dog DNA testing available.

Is it worth it to run a DNA test on my dog?

How much to DNA test a dog?

With the rise of at-home DNA tests, genetic testing for dogs has become more common in recent years.

It is possible to purchase tests online from the company’s website or from other pet supply vendors, such as petco and chewy.

At-home breed tests include the following:

  • The embark – $129
  • $84.91 for the wisdom panel
  • For $68.99, or $44.99, you can get DNA my dog on target’s website.

In order to learn more about your dog’s health risks, you might be surprised to learn that some pet owners pay even more than $129 for this service.

According to aimeellewellyn-zaidi, project director of the international partnership for dogs’ harmonization of genetic testing in dogs, a canine DNA test can cost anywhere from $40 to $300.

Test costs are usually determined by the type and scope of testing, according to llewellyn-zaidi.

In order to determine whether or not your dog is at risk for health issues, llewellyn-zaidi and sharonalbright, a spokesperson for the american canine health foundation, said that there are some advantages and disadvantages that owners need to consider when deciding whether or not to test their dog’s DNA.

What are the dog DNA test’s benefits and drawbacks?


According to llewellyn-zaidi, discovering what kind of pup you have can be enlightening. Even if people aren’t interested in learning more about their dog’s genetic makeup, albright said, they should do it anyway since it’s fun.

“There is nothing wrong with you wanting to see what your mixed-breed dog is,” albright said.

Albright added that if dog owners choose to have a health test done, these tests can indicate them if they need to alter their dog’s diet or lifestyle.

Dog breeders who are concerned about their dog’s health should use DNA testing, according to dr. Llewellyn-zaidi. Dog owners should consult their veterinarian in both of these situations, according to her.


An issue that llewellyn-zaidi pointed out is that, after receiving findings, users may be overwhelmed with data because the kits often employ a lot of information to assemble them.

Albright advised dog owners to keep their emotions in check when they receive the results of their pet’s exam.

According to llewellyn-zaidi, tests on mixed-breed dogs, in particular, can reveal risk factors that may not be specific to your dog, but may be specific to the breed that the test claims your dog is.

Llewellyn-zaidi added that when it comes to health, it’s “harder to figure out inheritance with mixed breeds.”

Regardless of the situation, albright and llewellyn-zaidi recommend that pet owners keep in touch with their veterinarian and discuss any concerns they may have.

According to llewellyn-zaidi, the breed results aren’t always 100 percent accurate.

How much does it cost to get a dog’s DNA checked?

How much to DNA test a dog?

Basically, it depends. When it comes to canine DNA testing, you can expect to pay anywhere from $60 to $200 depending on how in-depth you want to go. While some tests merely reveal your dog’s breed, others may offer further information like health risks, a genealogy of your dog’s ancestors, and the like.

DNA testing kits can cost anything from £40 to $200. How much they cost depends on the purpose for which they were built.

In the field of veterinary medicine, inspiration can come from human medicine. Take a look at their research on whether a drug can extend the lives of pet pets.

DNA test:

Only a dog’s identifying characteristics may be determined by this type of test, which does not reveal anything about the dog’s genetic makeup.

If your dog is ever stolen or misplaced, a DNA profiling test can be performed to identify him or her. Some kennel clubs require DNA profiling as a means of identifying their members’ dogs.

Cellmark forensic services provides these services and charges £74.99 for them.

Forensic genealogy and breed identification:

Owners of mixed-breed dogs can use this test to determine what breeds make up their dog, while purebred or designer dog owners can use it to verify the dog’s pedigree. Breed-specific DNA testing kits are typically priced at around £100.

Over 350 breeds are in the databases of some firms, such as embark and wisdom, helping to assure the accuracy of the results. With embark, you may search for your dog’s ancestors across all of the other dogs that the company has screened. Because it is based in the united states, the majority of canines in its relatives’ database are likely to be american.

Gene-specific and inherited illnesses:

Diagnose genetic mutations that may lead to health issues. For example, they can tell you whether or not your dog is at risk of developing a genetic condition that it can pass on to its children.

Each company has a different amount of diseases they screen for. More than 200 genetically inherited disorders are covered by embark’sDNA kit, which costs £95.

There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to genetic testing for dogs. This $129 test kit from embark is a well-known name in canine DNA testing, and it includes breed identification but no genetic condition screening.

With the embark test kit, you’ll get breed identification and screening for more than 210 genetic illnesses at a discount of 32% on black friday! This normally retails for $199 but is currently discounted to $135 on amazon.

There are three different tests offered by wisdom panel for those who are interested. A basic breed-detection test that also checks for a few prevalent genetic diseases costs $99.95 on amazon.

The most expensive package costs $159.99 and includes breed detection as well as screening for more than 200 genetic diseases, as well as a free veterinary consultation in the event that the results reveal anything alarming.

They have tests starting at $129, and what sets them unique from the rest seems to be that they offer tests for certain breeds of dogs.

In terms of canine DNA tests, there are a lot of similar products. It’s possible that you’ll make your decision based on pricing or a specific interest, such as purebred genetic diversity or the ability to identify the genetic relations of your dog.

What are the benefits of genetic testing for your dog?

Owners can take their data to their veterinarian to address potential health risks linked with specific breeds once the dominant breeds have been discovered. According to a veterinarian at california’slaguna hills animal hospital, “boxers are prone to cancer, and dobermans may have bleeding abnormalities comparable to haemophiliacs,” she explains. Preventative measures can save lives, such as asking your veterinarian to keep a watch out for these potential dangers.

In addition to understanding how big your puppy will grow, you may also want to know that if your dog is mostly a terrier, it will have a lot of energy, according to cruz.

Animal food manufacturer mars veterinary plans to use data from its wisdom panel dog DNA test to develop breed-specific formulas. According to cruz, dogs who are prone to arthritis may benefit from a diet rich in anti-arthritis components.

In addition, pet owners can afford to spend a modest amount of money to learn more about their canine companions. Dogs are part of the family, and it’s important to know where they came from, says author sutter.

How does dog DNA test work?

How much to DNA test a dog?

Fortunately, canine DNA testing is a simple process for dog owners. The easiest way to learn your dog’s breed is to get a DNA kit from a retailer like amazon, chewy, or one of our top selections below.

The kit comes with a cheek swab that you can use to swab the inside of your dog’s cheek to collect a sample of your dog’s DNA. Don’t let your dog consume the reward until after you have swabbed them to avoid diluting their saliva and causing inaccurate results.

Instructions for mailing your dog’s sample back should be included in your kit. Upon receiving your dog’s DNA sample, the lab will conduct a thorough breed database comparison.

The findings of your dog’s evaluation will be emailed to you within a few weeks. Customized online portals for viewing your dog’s genetic makeup are available from kits like wisdom panel and embark.

A dog’s DNA can be analysed in a few easy steps:

Your dog’s DNA should be taken.

This step can be challenging if your dog is wary of having their mouth touched by strangers. Many DNA tests necessitate the collection of saliva from your dog.

For 30 seconds, swab the inside of your dog’s mouth to get a DNA sample.

Send in your findings.

Some tests recommend mailing the results back in the box that the test was shipped in. In most cases, you can just drop them off at the post office.

After swabbing your dog’s mouth, wrap it up as instructed by the company and mail it back for testing.

The findings will be available in two to four weeks.

Lab tests and methods used by a corporation can take anywhere from two to four weeks for results to be sent to the owner.

Genetic traits and genetic markers, as well as possible breed kinds and health hazards, could be discovered.

Depending on the test, you may receive your results in the mail or online via a user account you create on the site.

How do home DNA test kits for dogs’ work?

How much to DNA test a dog?

Using one of the kits to perform a DNA test on your dog is easy:

  1. As soon as you receive your kit, you may be asked to register it online with the company you purchased it from. This will make it easier for you to see your results and other health data.
  2. Use the cotton swab provided in the pack to swab the inside of your dog’s face. Your dog’s saliva will be absorbed by the cotton head, which will then be used by the company’s laboratory to extract your dog’s DNA.
  3. Seal and return the sample to the business. If the company is located in the United Kingdom, the cost of postage will be included in most packages. Sending a sample to a company situated in the united states may cost you.
  4. Within a month, most organisations will deliver the results. In the instructions for each kit, you’ll find information about how you can receive your results.
  5. While this should hold true for the majority of kits, it’s important to check the instructions included in each one because there may be little variations from one brand to the next.
  6. Is it appropriate to conduct genetic testing on our pets? DNA testing raises questions about how owners interpret the results and what breeders can do with the information.
  7. It is possible to modify well-known breeds by using DNA testing. This also means, however, that we might be able to reverse the crippling effects of selective breeding in the hands of ethical breeders.
  8. There is already a study underway at cambridge university aimed at discovering the genes that cause the condition known as boas, which is characterised by a brachycephalic airway syndrome. It is hoped that testing for boas genes will allow breeders to avoid breeding dogs that possess such genes.

On the other side, this raises the possibility of incorrect data interpretation. The existence of a particular gene does not guarantee that a dog will get sick or that it will get sick at all, but some owners may feel tempted to do something to alleviate their pet’s pain before it begins.

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Top 5 FAQs and answers related to How much does it cost to DNA test a dog

Is a dog DNA test reliable?

Dog DNA testing: which one is the best, and why? Accuracy of DNA testing cannot be easily distinguished because the firms are only as reliable as the research that underpins their products. At least 95 percent to 99 percent of embark’s breed results were correct in 2019.

What can you learn from a dog’s DNA sample?

Glaucoma, von willebrand’s disease, and golden retriever-specific disorders like muscular dystrophy can all be detected by this test. The mdr1 gene, or multi-drug resistance gene, may cause your dog to have significant adverse responses to some popular drugs, which you may also check out if your dog possesses.

Do veterinarians perform DNA tests on dogs?

A veterinarian or a pet owner can do this procedure, which is very straightforward. Some vets prefer to send in a blood sample since they can be confident that a high amount of DNA is present in the bloodstream. Blood collection may cause some discomfort to your pet, but it will not harm them in the long run.

Is it a good idea to have the DNA of my dog tested?

There is no official view on DNA testing for dogs by the american veterinary medical association (avma), but it is “fine to do” if you are interested in learning more about your dog’s ancestor and breed composition. He advised pet owners to seek the advice of their veterinarians if they want to find out if their pets are at risk.

How long does a dog DNA test last?

A pre-paid return envelope is included with the test, so all you have to do is activate it, swab your dog’s cheek, and mail the sample back to the lab. The results will be available to you within two to four weeks.

Finally, here’s a look at how dog DNA kits operate.

How much to DNA test a dog?

Everything we tried had the same essential components. Using a cotton swab, obtain a sample from your dog’s cheek pouch after registering the kit. Swab their mouths as soon as possible after they eat so that the labs have enough DNA to deal with. Doing so without kibble residue or dogs biting the cotton swab is best.

The procedure doesn’t vary much from one provider to the next, though embark’s cotton sponge put into a stabilising solution for transit looks a touch more high-tech. Most of the remainder are simply cotton swabs that need to be dried out before being returned.

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