Even though Golden Retrievers is a well-behaved and peaceful dog, he may do things that defy what you’ve taught him and go against what he’s been taught. Golden Retrievers has a habit of chewing on items that he is not meant to, such as your socks.

Golden Retrievers has a particular fondness for eating your socks, and if you attempt to remove them, he may consume them whole. You find this strange, and you worry for Golden Retrievers’ health as a result. Because of this, you’ve decided to conduct an investigation into why Golden Retrievers are so fond of gnawing on socks.

Why do Golden Retrievers like to steal socks?

Golden retrievers, as you may have guessed, are high-energy canines. They like chewing on items, playing, and being the center of attention. Despite Golden Retrievers’ generally placid demeanor, you never know what he’s going to do. In order to keep Golden Retrievers from becoming restless, he needs a way to release his pent-up energy. There are other ways to deal with stress than chewing on your socks.

To be honest, you may be perplexed as to why Golden Retrievers prefers to gnaw on your socks rather than any other thing in your home. Even if you believe your socks are clean, they still have an odor. The scent of your sock is horrible to you, but to your dog, it’s like a bouquet of flowers that smell like you, and Golden Retrievers totally adores you. Because they chew on domestic things more often than other breeds and are devoted companions, Golden Retrievers are more prone to gnaw on your socks.

Your dog’s chewing on your socks is an expression of affection from him, and it makes him feel close to you. Because of the oil and perspiration produced by your feet, here is where the greatest aroma of you comes from. Your dog may pick up on the pheromones in your perspiration, which include social information that says a lot about you, even if they don’t smell nice to you.

You may have observed that your dog like smelling your crotch area or that there are particular objects like your underwear that your dog enjoys chewing on. Golden Retrievers, on the other hand, may nibble on your sock out of curiosity. When a dog is stressed, bored, or very energetic, they will look for anything to do, and if they discover your sock, they’ll gnaw on it.

Why do Golden Retrievers love socks?

My thoughts and ideas are mines alone. As a dog owner, I’m sure you’ve seen your Golden retriever carry socks about in his mouth a few times. “Why Do Golden Retrievers Love Socks?” was definitely on your mind.

It’s not uncommon for Golden Retrievers to do things that are both amusing and perplexing. When it comes to transporting your socks, it’s one of those things. Something with this breed and socks just doesn’t seem right. Find out why Golden Retrievers are obsessed with socks by reading on.

1. For them, it’s just part of their nature

The Golden Retriever was designed to be a retrieving dog with the ability to hold objects in its mouth. To recover shot ducks and return them to the hunter uninjured was their primary function. It’s in their name, and it’s what they specialize in.

As a result, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to you that your Golden retriever is snoozing on your socks. When you first get your Golden, you’ll certainly discover that he likes carrying things about in his mouth and will often bring them to you. Toys, pillows, shoes, and even the tv remote are often included in this category.

2. Socks are infused with your own scent

Your Golden Retriever appears to have a particular fondness for those stinky, sweaty socks you just placed in the wash. LOL! Why? Due to the fact that they’re carrying your aroma.

Because they smell like you, your soiled socks provide your Golden a feeling of security and comfort. Dogs’ reactions to their owners’ fragrances have been studied extensively. Dogs’ reward centers are activated by familiar human odors, according to research done by Gregory Berns and his Emory University team.

Five distinct smells were delivered to each of the twelve dogs: their owner, a strange person, another familiar animal, and the dog’s own fragrance. The smell of their owner elicited the greatest response from the brain, even more so than the fragrance of a well-known dog.

This shows that your dog can identify and recall your smell. It’s quite possible that the aroma of socks is soothing to your Golden Retriever, so keep this in mind the next time you catch him stealing, carrying, or even lying close to your socks.

3. Socks are convenient to transport

Your Golden Retriever will love carrying around a pair of socks. They’re thin and fragile, yet they’re not at all heavy. Instead of lugging about a hefty thing, why not just wear a pair of light socks? However, Golden Retrievers are known for finding the largest stick or the largest rock to carry in their jaws! A sock may be lying around for them to pick up and tote.

4. Having fun with your golden retriever

Your Golden Retriever will play with you by stealing and carrying about your socks. For the first time, it’s most likely that you yelled “no” and chased your Golden around the house as fast as you could.

That’s a good thing for your Golden Retriever. The game he plays is to chase you around the house trying to get your sock back. That was quite astute of him! His refusal to give you the socks makes them much more appealing since now he understands how important they are to you.

5. Feels good to chew on socks

When it comes to socks, there is one thing they all have in common: They’re delicious to gnaw on. They’re fluffy and cuddly. Tossing and chewing are two of the Golden Retriever’s favorite pastimes. When a puppy is teething, it will chew to relieve the pain in its gums and to assist the process.

The chewing of adult Goldens provides stimulation, helps alleviate anxiety, and is a pleasurable experience for the pet. Boredom is a common cause of chewing, but it’s vital to distinguish between good chewing and damaging chewing, the latter of which should be avoided. It’s never a good idea to gnaw on your socks! The sock may be ingested by your Golden, which is quite hazardous and may need costly surgery!

6. If pica is to blame, so be it

Pica may be at blame if your Golden Retriever is gnawing on your socks. A disorder known as “pica” leads dogs to have an insatiable desire for and compulsion to consume non-food objects. Plastic, cloth, wood, pebbles, and paper are just a few examples of acceptable materials. For example, some dogs exclusively eat socks, while others eat a range of non-food objects, such as twigs and leaves. In pups, pica-like behavior is prevalent. Golden Retriever pups have a reputation for devouring everything, including pebbles, paper, towels, and so on.

A puppy’s primary method of exploration is through its mouth, and this is how puppies learn. If your puppy is showing signs of pica, don’t be startled or concerned. They are likely to grow out of it. Adult and adolescent dogs are more likely to suffer from pica. It may be brought on by problems with one’s behavior or medical conditions.

7. You just let them lie there

If you leave socks and other laundry things lying about, your Golden Retriever will have no problem snagging them. To blame your Golden for snatching anything from your laundry basket or sock pile is a little unfair.

How to deal with the fetching needs of Golden Retriever?

There are a lot of folks out there who think Golden Retrievers come with a built-in instinct for retrieving and fetching. The fact that Goldens were bred to be retrievers does not imply they will immediately know what to do if they are not consistently and positively trained.

If you have the patience and the correct mindset, you can rapidly train your Golden Retriever to retrieve. You can count on your Golden Retriever to be by your side no matter where you go, no matter what you do. Initially, your dog may chase rather than retrieve, so you’ll need to be prepared for a number of false starts. Keeping a positive attitude can ensure that your Golden Retriever is a success.

Why do Golden Retrievers like to hold things in mouth?

In order to obtain your undivided attention, a golden retriever may bring you items because they’re expressing their joy at being in the presence of you, because they’re linked to your smiles or praise, or because it is their way of expressing trust in you. Golden retrievers are among the kindest dogs around, and they’ll do everything to make their owners happy, including bringing them their favorite toys. This will make them happy, and it’s possible that it will make you happy, too.

They will keep doing it to make you happy if you exhibit any shows of joy or pleasure while they are doing it. Things like soiled socks, sticks, or even shoes might be used as substitutes for toys when they couldn’t come up with anything else for other people, such as your visitors.

Due to their high level of activity, golden retrievers need frequent exercise in order to maintain their health. In this case, it might be that they’re using their extra energy on a toy while you’re away, and when you return, they’re still holding the object in their mouth. Bringing you stuff like a toy, ball, or stick maybe your dog’s way of saying that they want to play with you and spend some quality time with you.

As a child, most of us had a toy or game that we longed for, and when we eventually got our hands on it, we couldn’t wait to show it off. In the same way that a golden retriever could carry a new toy around all the time just to show it off, so might yours.

Even if it isn’t anything you bought for them, it may be something they discovered or something else they are pleased with and are displaying. One of the most loving and caring dogs in the world, a golden retriever’s favorite time of day is when their owners return home, and it’s easy to tell since you can sense their delight when they see you.

How to prevent your Golden Retriever from stealing socks?

Dogs are inquisitive by nature. They thrive on a constant flow of new and exciting experiences. As a result, they like playing with children, going on walks, and fetching new toys. If your dog isn’t getting enough exercise and mental stimulation, he or she may develop bad habits like overeating or gnawing on random objects.

Boredom is one of the five reasons why dogs leave their owners. A dog stealing socks may be searching for a pleasant diversion when they do it. Keep in mind, though, that your companion may perceive this as an opportunity to play tug-of-war with you! If you run after your dog to get the sock, he or she will likely enjoy the experience even more.

1. In their hearts, they adore you

Socks are important to us. However, it doesn’t seem that this holds true for our animal friends. Your dog would prefer to have a dirty old gym sock than a clean one, believe it or not. Don’t be too harsh, okay? Au naturel is a favorite among our pals. Even if you’re joking, dogs love the fragrance of their owners. Your four-legged darling will appreciate you if you give them plenty of cuddle time.

2. You’re careless with the stuff you own

You can’t hold it against them if your home is a mess or if your dog has access to dirty clothes. In what way can they be sure that eating on the floor is not a good idea? Socks are better off out of sight and out of mind.

Only by doing so will your dog learn to discriminate between what they should and should not be pawing at. And it’s not only socks that are the subject of this discussion. All of your laundry items are ripe for the pickings of a hungry critter.

3. Anxiety over being apart from a loved one

Your dog misses you while you’re gone since they’re sociable creatures. Quite a bit. Social anxiety and a need for companionship are typical in dogs that are left alone for long periods of time. They may feel secure in your socks.

Your dog may be less worried while you are away if your stinky socks smell like you. The love you can offer your dog can never be replaced by a sock, though. Try to spend more time with your dog if he is displaying indications of separation anxiety.

4. Organize and tidy up

Playing with your dog is a great way to ensure that he or she receives adequate exercise. The best way to select the proper chew toys for your dog is to provide them with their own guide. Put socks and other personal belongings away in a safe area where your dog can’t get to them.

5. Doggy-training

Make sure your dog understands the difference between play and non-play objects. If you’re teaching the “give” command, don’t be joking with them. Otherwise, they’ll believe you’re playing the sock-chasing game. Make sure your dog is never bored by providing them with plenty of love, attention, and mental and physical stimulation.

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People also ask questions related to why do Golden Retrievers like socks?

Why does my dog have a thing for socks?

A condition known as pica causes dogs to chew their socks, yet this is not unheard of. Those who suffer from it eat non-food objects in an obsessive manner, and stress and worry are major causes. Consult a veterinarian or behaviorist if your dog is obsessed with eating socks or other non-food objects.

Who knows why golden retrievers are so fascinated with the act of putting objects in their mouths?

A soft, comfortable, and at times rattling toy in their mouth may fulfill their predilection for holding a bird in its whole intact. As with any other dog breed, not all Retrievers are gentle with toys, just like any other dog.

How can a dog be so obsessed with socks?

Dogs are far more perceptive and perceptive than most people think. It’s possible that your dog may come to enjoy taking a pair of socks from your clean laundry because he knows that doing so will make you smile.

How does a dog choose a mate?

Generally speaking, though, dogs form strong attachments to the people who pay them the greatest care. For example, a dog may prefer the parent who fills their water dish in the morning and walks them at night in a home with two parents and two children. The link between a dog and its owner is strengthened through physical love.

Are dogs a fan of being cuddled?

Dog behaviorists say that, in general, dogs dislike being hugged by their owners. As a result, each dog has its own distinct personality. Depending on the person, they may despise hugs more or less than others. Standing over is the closest thing our animal family members can do to a hug.


Bear cuddles are the nicest. There is no one he would rather have in his life than you. As a result, his devotion to and affection for you might be difficult since he enjoys chewing on specific pieces of clothes. Golden Retrievers will need to learn that chewing on your items is not acceptable, no matter how sweet they may look at first. Any time you have any doubts about your dog’s health, you should take him to the doctor.

If your golden retriever gives you toys, socks, or anything else for whatever reason, it’s not anything to be concerned about; it’s entirely natural. There are a number of possible reasons why your golden retriever may be bringing you things, including the fact that it sees you as its leader and wants to ensure that it has a place in your “pack,” the fact that it is expressing its gratitude, and the fact that it is letting out some of its pent-up energy by carrying things in its mouth.

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