About Me

Hi beautiful people! 

I know you are here to get to know me but introductions always kind of freak me out. Like, how could I praise myself and tell people that I can do such things, and if I don’t tell, how could I let people think that I am a loser. But still, yet you are here, let me tell you a little something about me. 

My name is Jeanine! I am a housewife, blogger, veterinarian and above all, animal lover. Not to be proud, but I kind of know how to take everything along. I am kind of a person whom you call pet person. I don’t just live around pets, I observe their behavior, their ongoing and down going, there response to weather, and everything else that needed to be studied about pets, I am working on it all the time. 

My writing reflects pet’s language. With my blogs, I will try to make you understand the kind of care and attention pets need when they are around us and behind us. I also worked as a hospital manager at veterinary hospital a few years.

In my experience during these years, I analyzed owners’ behavior, by working through different facets, I gained understanding of pets’ behavior, their fears, their intention towards their owners. I also experienced that owner are often afraid to ask tough questions about their pets.  

I am happy to say that I am an award-winning writer. I am a certified veterinary journalist and professional member of cat writers’ association. My only purpose is to help and guide people about pets and also provide them accurate and well-explained health advice when it comes to health of their pets.

My mission is to provide well-researched information about pets. Which is why my articles also got published in Animal Wellness magazine. 

Writing is my passion and pets are love of my life. I thought, why not combine these two to get the best out of my experience to help those who are staying home with their pets who are not feeling well, or having sudden change in their behavior, and the owners just don’t want to take them to vet right away.

I am happy to say that this my mission, to help people with my knowledge and experience. I have observed animals very closely and keenly, so I can mostly tell what is your pet feeling and why? And I can also tell when is the right time to take your pet to the vet. 

Honestly speaking, I learn a lot from animals around me. When you spend your time with animal, you get to know that they are cutest, funniest and innocent creatures in the world, who deserves love, care and freedom. When you study them, you will find out that there is a lot they teach you. All of them have different natures but they are loyal to you, when give love and care. 

I am the kind of lady you can find around animals, anywhere and everywhere. I work for them, I live with them and I earn for them. To me, my family is everything and they are part of my family. Our team Healing hands has rescued a lot of innocent and left alone dogs, cats, sloth, lizards and many more animals that you can pet. And of course, few of them end up with me in my house. 

Now if you are looking for informative, funny, engaging and unique blogs about pets and animal, you need to read my blog. The reason behind starting this blog is to communicate with countless number of readers who are concerned about their pets. I want my word to be spread to as many people as it can. And luckily, blogging is the right one. For all of you, reading my introduction, it’s a sweet Hi, and welcome to my blog.

I hope you won’t find it boring, ignoring and waste of time. and I am here to answer your questions as well. Although, I will try to cover everything in my blog, but in other case, you can always ask me questions, and I will try to provide you satisfying answers. 

I am always available for you. Stay blessed!