Some areas of your home may be overlooked when you’re redecorating your home, and even you may not understand just how vital that space may be. If you’re a dog lover, expect to locate the dog house as a present place under the stairs. To meet all of your demands, whether it’s for extra storage or an office or an area for your children to play, you can easily include a doghouse into your home.

The dog house under the stairs is full of surprises that you may not have previously considered. It isn’t just dog houses, though, that have hidden meanings. Under the stairs, you may also put down some dog mat and leave it open for your pet. In order to maximize space and provide your dog with a pleasant and functional home, you’ll need some of these innovative dog house designs.

How to Build Dog Kennel Under Stairs  Guide + 10 Ideas

Can you build dog’s kennel under stairs?

All the puppy need is a cozy place to sleep under the stairs. It would have the same ambiance as a “den,” since dogs are known for their penthouse lifestyle. Regardless of whether or not there is a wall or door, this method would work. There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to this scenario. If you’re planning on using outdoor stairs in the winter, you’ll need a strong dog housing. Add a heat-reflecting pad on their bed to keep them warm while it’s cold out.

Georgina Beetlestone, 31, from Newport, Saffron Walden, transformed an under-stairs cupboard into a gorgeous room for her 9-month-old Pomeranian, Minnie.

In her new room, Minnie has a bed, doggy-themed wallpaper, and a photo of her parents in a framed picture frame.

This is Georgina’s first time making one because she didn’t have the space for one in her previous home. “I had always wanted to make one but I didn’t have any under-stairs space in my previous property,” Georgina explained.

After a year of living here, I noticed the potential for a dog room and set out to build it.”

In order to complete the project, I had my friend’s spouse cut the hole, I constructed a patrician for the cupboard, I installed the wallpaper, an LED light, and sticky tiles on the floor. All that’s left is for me to add a nameplate.”

You may have a large or a little home. You’ll need a separate area for your dog if he or she is part of your family. The dog, like every other creature on this planet, requires privacy. You might see them hopping around your homes all day, but at the end of the day they’ll want some alone time. It is evident that you should have a dog house in your home after considering all of this.

Having a child is difficult. A new father’s first priority was figuring out how his dog felt about not being the centre of attention, even though it might not seem like the most important consideration in the grand scheme of things.

Michael McGowan was concerned that his soon-to-be-born baby would make his Westie, Molly, feel isolated and decided to take action. He created a den for his dog under the stairs when he learned that he was going to be welcoming a second child into his family.

How to build dog kennel under stairs in three ways: What are they?

Method #1: Hole between two studs under the staircase

If you want to keep the construction of your home intact, you’ll first need to create a hole between two studs under the staircase. Under-stair storage can be repurposed without the requirement for cutting any holes.

However, you choose to begin, you must first prepare the space as home remodelling expert AnhMian does:

Step 1:

There are a number of tools you will need, including a rip saw and some sandpaper, a hammer, and potentially a screw gun or drill. Stumps can be found by knocking on the outside of the wall with your hand, but you may prefer to use an electronic stud finder.

Step 2:

When repurposing or cutting entrances, make sure they’re big enough for your dog to fit through.

Pine or any suitable wood can be used as an outer layer – You’ll probably want to utilise tongue-and-groove boards or any other material that is readily available at a hardware shop and is easy to deal with.

Step 3:

Make a cardboard mat based on the size of your dog so that you know how big the doorway should be.

Remove any dust that may be hiding under the surface of the kennel you’ll be using for your dog.

Assuming the inside of the house is unfinished, you’ll need to shield your dog from debris by placing some form of substance (such as timber, finishing board, etc.)

Step 4:

Make sure all internal structures are securely fastened to the studs.

Make sure your dog’s safety is protected by sanding down any rough parts in the interior.

Make sure nothing pointy is on the outside by using glue, nails, and screws to attach the exterior.

Assemble a frame of wood with framing nails on the outside

Before introducing your dog to the area, thoroughly clean it.

Your pet finally has a new location to hang out, so show him or her off!

In the event that you have an in-built storage area under your stairs, you can easily remove the present door and replace it with an aperture to let your dog freely walk to and from.

Method #2: One of the Best Nooks

Under-stairs hideaway

This homeowner’s JWT Associates created a little area for themselves.

Step 1:

Build a small space under stairs.

Step 2:

Get done with entrance big enough to let your dog pass.

Step 3:

The depth of the space under the stairs is ideal for a comfortable bench and a bookshelf. Use some of them to increase comfort level. The ideal reading nook is complete with plush pillows and a bright lamp. There’s even a cute crawl space door for extra storage in this home.

Method #3: The pallet dog kennel is an under stair dog cage.

For dog kennel building, pallets are an excellent supply of extra lumber because they are frequently thrown away after being used to move items. Find out whether your workplace or a nearby warehouse or retail establishment can supply you with a few freebies.

Step 1:

Your front door might benefit from a front gate:

Use pallet wood to build a dog kennel in a stairwell.

A simple solution to seal off your dog’s kennel is to nail a pallet to the wall around your steps, which is made of soft wood. Before letting your dog near them, sand and paint them if you plan to use them this way.

Pro tip:

You’ll want to keep a few things in mind when you embark on a project like this:

  • Keep an eye out for any stray boards on the pallets.
  • Attach the parts using nails or screws.
  • Make sure there are no splinters sticking out of the pallets.
  • Make certain that no nails protrude from the boards.

Step 2:

For the front of a dog kennel, there’s no need to stick with pallets at all. If you disassemble it with a tool like a cat’s paw or a denailer, you can use the boards from one to construct the inside of an under-the-stairs installation.

10 ingenious designs for dog’s den in home

Even though the outside is already your dog’s territory, they deserve a place to call their own. What better way than to maximise your dog’s comfort and convenience than to place his or her box near the kitchen?

1. Selecting a mudroom

It’s not just for dumping your shoes and coats in a mudroom! It’s the ideal location for a dog kennel, as well as chew toys, leashes, and food for your pet. Ensuring that your dog has his or her own mudroom will help to prevent accidents from occurring outside the entrance.

2. Your garage could use a little TLC

A puppy’s safe haven should be in the garage. If you’re not going to use this room to store automobiles, lawn equipment, or other things, consider adding dog beds, blankets, toys, and other decor to liven it up. Do you have access to a mild climate? There shouldn’t be any issues with bringing your pets here to live. To safeguard the safety of your dogs, you need install a heating and air conditioning system in your city.

3. Recycled mattress

Rachelle Blondel’s DIY For Your Dog shows you how to upcycle common household items like dressers, luggage, wine crates, and picnic basket into a comfortable new bed for your dog.

4. Crate nightstand for pets

Even though it appears to be an average nightstand during the day, you can easily unlock the latch and let your dog inside at night. We’re stumped as to what else constitutes “doing double duty.”

5. Work from Home

To avoid having to go down the stairs just to take your dog home, consider combining it with a stylish home office, like shown here. Playing with your dog is a great way to pass the time when you’re feeling a little worn out at work.

6. Take advantage of unused space in the attic or basement

Indoor dog room ideas abound if you have a large space to work with. Flex rooms, such as those found in attics, basements, and other parts of your house, give you plenty of space for your furry family members to play and store their belongings.

7. A closet or an unused corner is a good place to start

Want to give your pet its own space, but don’t have the means to do so? Organize their supplies in a corner of a bonus room, or designate one for them in a flex room. Hanging up collars, sweaters, and winter boots in a closet will also make it easier for you to keep their room organised.

8. Hand-weaved dog platform bed

A 160-pound American Mastiff is no match for this heavy-duty dog bed. Upholstery tacks finish the aesthetic of the woven nylon strapping that is stapled to a square wooden frame. The bed has a joyful vibe thanks to the colourful twisted furniture legs.

9. Add a tent to anywhere!

Using a cute tent, you can turn any area into a pet room! Teepees are more often found in kid’s playrooms, but your dog will be thrilled to have their own little hideaway. This not only provides a stylish place to store dog bedding and blankets, but it also hides toys!

10. A disused end table becomes a dog bed.

If you had a dog, you could image her curling up in this four-poster bed. To add a dramatic flair, Southern Revivals turned a broken end table on its side and attached finials to the legs. Round feet, a fresh coat of paint, and a pillow with a chevron pattern round off the design.

5 things to keep in consideration while creating your dog’s den

How to make a dog den under stairs?

Even a small dog may amass quite a bit of possessions! See these dog room design, furniture, and storage ideas that will keep leashes, water dishes and toys at the ready for your pooch!

1. Choose a color scheme that makes sense

It’s a myth that dogs can’t perceive colour, but that’s not entirely true. While they can’t see the same colours that humans can see, they can see some colours! Consider either blues or yellows if you’re looking for a vibrant hue for the dog room design. Do you want to know what your dog sees? Make use of their limited colour pallet by using the Dog Vision HD app.

2. Storage under the stairs

There is no secret about the ideal location for storage rooms at the bottom of the steps.

3. Food Stations

The feeding station in the doghouse down the stairs is really cool. You can erect a doghouse in just about any nook or cranny beneath the stairs.

4. Hooks should be installed

Stop spending your time searching for a leash or a collar, please! Installing hooks in your dog’s room or immediately outside the door will make getting ready for walks a lot more convenient.

5. Everything is tagged

Use bins to separate food, treats, flea medication, and dental chews. Add labels to your existing organizers or buy a variety of storage boxes to make your home seem and feel more organized and beautiful!

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Top 5 FAQs & answers related to How to make a dog den under stairs

Do dogs enjoy the comfort of a den?

As you build a dog’s lair, here are some things to keep in mind:
“Dogs prefer the cosines of a den, which is an enclosed, personal room just big enough for a single dog,” says Cuteness. Because of the ample space for standing or lying down, he can retreat to this area if he feels threatened or stressed.

What can I store in the den I built for my dog?

Bedding material, toys, bowl feeders, and fresh, clean water should be included in an outside dog kennel to keep dogs happy, healthy, and comfortable.

Is it possible to create a dog house under the stairs?

The addition of a door to your dog’s kennel might help keep your pet warm throughout the winter months. When it rains heavily, you should raise the house above ground level to prevent water from getting inside. In addition, the raised floor will help keep the interior warm during the colder months of the year.

Is it possible for a dog housing to be too large?

Size Doesn’t Always Equal Quality
Your dog will have to work harder to warm up a dog house that is too large for him or her. In chilly weather, your dog will use up valuable calories and energy heating up a huge area, which can harm your pet.

What is the best way to keep a dog warm in a kennel or shelter?

Your dog’s house will be a lot more comfortable if you install some basic insulation. In terms of building your dog’s home, foil-backed foam boards are definitely the best option.


How to make a dog den under stairs?

Basically, creating a dog house under your staircase isn’t that difficult because there are a number of DIY ideas available online. However, if you’re a highly creative person, this isn’t going to help you. Each and every creative person enjoys thinking about their work in a unique way. As a result, the project gets more difficult. That’s not to say there’s anything to be concerned about. Yes, we’re here to assist you in any way we can.

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