The price of a dog’s food will vary depending on the breed. Irrespective of your preference for cuddly dogs, teddy bear dogs, intelligent canines, or loyal canines, you can’t go wrong with any of these options. Every little thing adds up, from vet bills to food costs to dog walking and boarding fees. For this list of the most costly dog breeds, we also took into account the original cost of purchasing the dog (unless you adopted a shelter dog). 

For canine breeds, costs aren’t set in stone, so we scoured puppy postings across the United States to come up with an average cost. Take your time and do your research before purchasing a puppy from a breeder. You can avoid puppy mills if you do this. 

The higher price is due to a variety of variables. There are a number of factors that influence the price of a dog, including the breed’s overall popularity, its rarity, and its lineage. For whatever reason, these dogs are more expensive, but dog enthusiasts will tell you that the extra money is well spent. 

What is the cost of breeding a dog?

Top 16 Most Expensive Dogs to Breed in the World: Guide

There are some breeds of dogs that are quite expensive to buy at first, while others end up costing more in the long run. When you buy a French Bulldog from a reputable breeder, you’ll pay a lot more than a Bernese Mountain Dog after a decade or two. There are so many unknowns when it comes to the expense of owning a dog that it is impossible to estimate how much it will cost in the long run. However, we are able to make some educated guesses. 

In the first year of pet ownership, dog owners typically spend between $1,500 and $3,200. Between a few hundred and a few thousand dollars a year is the average annual cost for the service. These statistics can vary greatly depending on your income and coupon-cutting abilities. 

What are the additional costs of breeding expensive dog? 

Grooming sessions, supplies, vet expenditures, and more are all factored into Pet Budget’s estimates of the costs of various breeds. With so many variables, it’s impossible to forecast what will happen to your dog in the future, so we’ve focused on the early charges here. If you’re looking for the costliest puppies, go no further than these listings. 

The price of a dog is mostly determined by its purebred status. In addition to being more predictable when it comes to behavioural qualities, purebred dogs are more likely to suffer from health concerns over the course of their lifespans (an expensive con). In addition, respectable breeders devote a lot of time and effort to caring for puppies and their moms, while following to strict breeding rules. 

Microchips, registrations, vaccines, and time spent socialising new puppies are all included in the price of a purebred puppy. A good breeder spends a lot of money on expensive health testing to make sure that their litters are free of inbreeding and genetic problems. When you engage with reputable, conscientious breeders who handle all of the details, you’ll receive what you pay for. 

You want a dog like Claire the Scottish Deerhound, who recently won Best in Show at the National Dog Show? Spend ten times as much (and tens of thousands of dollars). We have a litter that hasn’t even been born yet, but you can reserve a purebred puppy from that litter! If you buy a purebred puppy between the ages of two and six months, you may expect to pay 28 percent more. 

A puppy’s price can be affected by a variety of factors beyond from just its purebred status. Certain breeds are in high demand in certain regions of the country. Other breeds of dogs are priced according to their coat colour and markings. 

Top 16 Most expensive dogs to breed

A well-cared-for dog will cost a lot of money. Expenses for food, toys and bedding, as well as vet fees, are among them. Some dog breeds, on the other hand, are prohibitively expensive to own because of their scarcity, purity, or special talents. What are they, then? 

Listed below are the world’s costliest canine species: 

1. The Tibetan Mastiff

Top 16 Most Expensive Dogs to Breed in the World: Guide

Originally bred for protection against wolves and leopards, the Tibetan Mastiff can be found only in China and Nepal. Male Tibetan Mastiffs can weigh up to 160 pounds, making them one of the world’s largest dog breeds. 

What makes them stand out, however, is the mane-like fur on their necks and shoulders. 

In China, the Tibetan Mastiff is a prestige symbol because of its regal appearance and vicious reputation. As a result, Tibetan Mastiff puppies can cost anywhere from $2,000 to millions of dollars. There are millions, in fact. For $1.95 million, a Chinese billionaire got his hands on a puppy Tibetan Mastiff in 2014, making that breed the priciest pet in the world! 

2. Portuguese Water Dog

Top 16 Most Expensive Dogs to Breed in the World: Guide

The average cost is $2,200 

An estimated lifetime cost of more than $22,000 

This breed, which came in the United States in the 1970s, is extremely rare and hypoallergenic, making it a favourite choice for allergy sufferers. If you want to look like a Portuguese Water Dog, you’ll have to spend a lot of money on grooming (shortly trimmed tail and hindquarters). Because of their natural athleticism, they spend a lot of time outside. If you work from home and own a Portuguese Water Dog, you must enrol them in doggy daycare. 

3. Black Russian Terrier 

Top 16 Most Expensive Dogs to Breed in the World: Guide

Between $3,000 and $5,000 is the average price for a Black Russian Terrier 

The Black Russian Terrier is an exception to the rule when it comes to terriers. Their shoulders can reach 30 inches in height if all four paws are placed on the scales. Despite their size and strength, they’re a good choice for guarding and safeguarding. Giant dogs are eager to please and extremely intelligent; but, unlike other large dogs, they are not lazy and require a lot of activity and mental stimulation in order to remain happy. 

4. Chow Chow

Top 16 Most Expensive Dogs to Breed in the World: Guide

A Chow Chow puppy will set you back about $900.  

Grooming this medium-sized dog can run up to an outrageous $90 on average. Life expectancy for Chow Chows ranges from eight to 12 years, and the average cost of treatment for this breed is $11,000. 

5. Saint Bernard

Top 16 Most Expensive Dogs to Breed in the World: Guide

Cost $1500 

The St. Bernard is an Italian and Swiss working dog breed native to the western Alps. 

These dogs were originally produced by the Great St Bernard Pass Hospice on the Italian-Swiss border as a rescue breed. 

Possibly because of the 1992 film Beethoven, the breed’s popularity has skyrocketed! 

6. Lakeland Terrier

Top 16 Most Expensive Dogs to Breed in the World: Guide

Lake District in England is where the Lakeland Terrier’s origins may be traced back to. 

The dog is small to medium in size, with a weight range of 7-8 kg. 

If you suffer from allergies or asthma, you’ll appreciate the fact that this breed is largely hypo-allergenic, meaning it sheds less than other breeds. 

Your hard-earned money is going to be on the line for one of those colourful characters! 

7. Irish Wolfhound

Top 16 Most Expensive Dogs to Breed in the World: Guide

This strange-looking creature stands at least six feet tall. 

The Irish wolfhound is a breed of dog that hails from Ireland and has a long history of sighthounds. 

Originally, it was bred to be a hunting and guarding dog, and it excels in both roles. 

An Irish Wolfhound, which stands 30′′-32′′ tall and weighs 150lbs, will set you back about $3000. 

8. Czechoslovak Wolfdog

Top 16 Most Expensive Dogs to Breed in the World: Guide

As the country’s national dog, the Czechoslovak Wolfdog is well-known around the world. It is, however, extremely rare, which accounts for its high price. 

In 1955, working line German Shepherds were mixed with Carpathian wolves to create the Czechoslovakian Wolfdog. A wolf-like dog with the intelligence of a German Shepherd and the stamina of a wolf was one of the goals of the project. 

Around $50,000 is the going rate for a Czechoslovakian Wolfdog. Additionally, you may have to travel to Czechoslovakia to get your hands on this breed, as it’s not widely available anywhere else. 

9. Samoyed

Top 16 Most Expensive Dogs to Breed in the World: Guide

The Samoyed is a Siberian breed that has been around for a long time. The Samoyedic people gave it that name because they used it to pull sleds and watch over reindeer. The cost of owning and caring for this fluffy white dog is as high as its initial purchase price. The average price of a Samoyed puppy is $14,000. 

10. Afghan Hound 

Top 16 Most Expensive Dogs to Breed in the World: Guide

The typical start-up expense is $2,250. 

Afghan Hounds, known for their cat-like and independent natures, have long, flowing coats. A daily brushing is necessary to keep their coats tangle-free, even if these canines are hypoallergenic. They were first used as hunting dogs in Afghanistan thousands of years ago. This could explain why they carry themselves with such confidence (and cost so much). 

11. Brussels Griffins

Top 16 Most Expensive Dogs to Breed in the World: Guide

$2,300 each for the first outlay 

$17,000 for a lifetime’s worth of expenses 

Who cares how much they cost when you have a face like this? For their large personalities and attractive expressions, Brussels Griffins are renowned. They are native to Belgium and make wonderful pets since they form strong attachments to the people they spend most of their time with. Avoid letting a Brussels Griffon alone for long periods of time. 

12. Golden Retrievers

Top 16 Most Expensive Dogs to Breed in the World: Guide

A breeder’s price for a Golden Retriever, one of the gentlest canines around, is around $1,500. This breed of dog is a loyal friend, but it is also prone to serious health issues, especially orthopaedic malignancies, which can lead to a significant increase in the cost of medical care. Golden retrievers, like other dogs, need to be groomed on a regular basis. 

13. French Bulldog 

Top 16 Most Expensive Dogs to Breed in the World: Guide

Cost is about $2,500–$4,500  

This fun-loving, short-haired dog breed could be the pup of your dreams if you’re seeking for an adorable short-legged dog. Although you won’t have to visit a groomer on a regular basis, daily care is necessary for those tempting creases. 

The Frenchie is a dog that requires a lot of attention from its human family members. In fact, it’s probably the reason why they’re so fond of children—they have instant playmates! They are known for their lovely snorts and snorts, but until they get agitated, Frenchies aren’t likely to be loud or boisterous barkers. 

14. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Top 16 Most Expensive Dogs to Breed in the World: Guide

Cost is about $2,500 to $3,500. 

One of the cutest little fur nuggets you’ll ever meet, these pups have a lot more to offer than their adorable appearance. And they can sense when people need a little extra comfort, whether it’s a quick cuddle to ease tension or an enjoyable diversion from a stressful day with their playful antics. 

Affectionate, mild-mannered, and ready to please are just few of the adjectives that describe their demeanour. Both the best dogs for emotional support and the most cherished family pets, they effortlessly tick all the boxes. 

15. Akita 

Top 16 Most Expensive Dogs to Breed in the World: Guide

The average cost of a family-friendly American Akita is $800, and it can live for 11 to 15 years. Each time your dog is groomed, you should expect to pay about $62 for the service. 

Hip dysplasia, knee injuries, and skin disorders are among the many health problems that can arise in Akitas, making the average annual cost of care for one $4,500. 

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Do you know which breed is the most profitable to raise? 

Most Expensive Dog Breeds in the World 
Husky breed from Siberia. The fluffiest canines on the planet are French Bulldogs. Dogs like the Samoyed, the Tibetan Mastiff, the Rottweiler, the Otterhound, and the English Bulldog are among the most adorable tiny breeds ever. 

How much does it cost to raise a most expensive puppy? 

Tibetian Mastiff: $3,000  
In addition to being one of the most attractive and expensive breeds to acquire, the mastiff is also one of the most expensive to care for. At around $3,000, a puppy from one of these breeds can expect a 10- to 12-year lifespan. 

Do you know which tiny dogs are the most expensive? 

The Miniature Bull Terrier is a little dog with a lot of energy and one of the costliest dog breeds to possess at an average purchase price of $1,600. Grooming these canines will set you back about $50 and they have a lifespan of 12 to 14 years. 

What kind of dog cost $5000? 

About $5,000 buys you a puppy from an Egyptian Pharaoh hound breeder. Because it is the only officially recognised breed of dog in the United States, the Thailand Ridgeback is one of the ten most expensive dog breeds. 

Which dog breed is the most sought-after by buyers? 

(CBS) — — According to the American Kennel Club, the Labrador Retriever remains the most popular dog breed. As of May 1, 2020, the American Kennel Club (AKC) had produced a list of the top 100 dog breeds. On the basis of this year’s AKC registration figures. 


Top 16 Most Expensive Dogs to Breed in the World: Guide

Here are the world’s 16 most expensive dogs, which we hope you’ve enjoyed reading about. 

To get past the initial cost of owning a dog is a worthwhile investment that will pay dividends for years to come! 

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