If your dog follows you around everywhere, it could be a sign of something more serious going on. Dr. Rachel Barrack of Animal Acupuncture in New York City, a qualified veterinarian certified in veterinary acupuncture, says that dogs’ clinginess has scientific causes. ‘Young puppies can often imprint on their owners and look to them as they would their mother,’ adds Dr. Barrack (anywhere from birth to 6 months of age). 

If you reward your dog for staying near to you, he may do so in the future as well. Dr. Barrack adds that if you give your dog affection or treats every time you are with him; he will be more likely to follow you around. Your dog will learn that being clinging is OK if you show your appreciation by rewarding him when he behaves in a clingy manner. 

For this reason, it is crucial to assess your bond with your dog before bringing him home. If your dog sleeps in your bed with you, you may be reinforcing his need to be with you at all times by building a dependency on him. 

Why Does My Dog Follow Me Everywhere Stares at Me  Guide

What does my dog follow me around the house? 

We cherish the time we get to spend with our dogs. The question of “Why does my dog follow me everywhere?” may come up from time to time. Dogs have animal instincts and pack mentalities, among other things, so the solution is complex. 

People often refer to dogs who follow their owners about like “velcro dogs” because of their desire to stay by their side at all times. Sally Morgan, a holistic physical therapist for pets and people, adds, “Dogs are pack animals, and we are their pack.” 

The Alliance of Therapy Dogs, a therapy dog association in the United States, is frequently questioned by dog owners why their dog is following them around. Dogs follow their owners everywhere they go, and they monitor their every move, as anybody who has a dog knows. However, there is more to this behavior than meets the eye. When your dog follows you out of curiosity, it can be a sign of separation anxiety. This article will cover the signs of separation anxiety and why your dog may follow you out of curiosity. 

If you live with others, there’s a considerable chance your dog may develop a strong attachment to one of you in particular. For some pets, it’s their primary caretaker who gives food and walks, while others have a companion who engages them in games like tug of war and catch, or who lavishes them with lavish gifts. 

A professional certified dog trainer and owner of Tug Dogs in Northern California adds, “Look at it from the canine’s point of view. Although you think you’re cool, the person your dog is emotionally attracted to is the key to your happiness. Because of who they offer access to, that individual is in the spotlight.” 

Especially for rescued dogs, a dog’s prior life experiences might have a significant impact on whether or not he becomes fixated on a single person. Before moving in with you, what was their situation like? This might lead to a dog’s fear of being abandoned, according to Dr. Barrack. 

Our dogs follow us everywhere we go, including the living room, bedroom, kitchen, and bathroom. We look into the reasons why your dog is so eager to accompany you everywhere you go. 

When washing the laundry, changing the linens, or looking for a phone charger (or both), we humans seem to need a companion by our sides. At the very least, that’s what our dogs say. They may believe we require their assistance despite the fact that we are grabbing for the toilet paper roll they ate the day before.  

Even though dog owners are often told otherwise, this is not a sign that your dog is trying to “take” your space or even that it is a pack animal habit. Dogs appreciate the company of their loved ones, much like people. They enjoy it so much that they will sometimes put up with your filthy bathroom (don’t look in mine!) just to be with you. 

What are the 7 Reasons why your dog follows you everywhere?

Your dog following you around all the time will leave you with one of two feelings: either he’s adorable or you’re sick of stumbling over him all the time. Either way, knowing a little bit about the science behind why your dog certification is always by your side is beneficial. 

1. Reinforcement

When a dog’s link with its owner is sustained over time with plenty of positive reinforcement, it’s common for the dog to follow suit. So, for example, dogs may be more likely to follow someone if they learn that pleasant things come from that person, such as food, pats and enjoyable activities. 

2. They’re trying to get your attention 

The main reason dogs will follow their owners around is to get attention or some other type of reward. Dogs will recall and engage in the action more frequently if following their pet parent about results in goodies, playtime, or pets. 

This behavior is likely to endear it to the vast majority of individuals. Excess shadowing can be both bothersome and dangerous to you and your dog if it leads you to trip as a result of your dog’s actions. 

3. The connection that exists between humans and animals 

Dogs have earned the title of man’s best friend after decades of selective breeding. In order to develop a strong bond with your dog based on mutual trust and understanding, you must be physically there at all times. The more positive interactions our pets have with people, the higher their oxytocin levels get. So, being close to their BFF has a positive effect on them as well. 

4. Your dog has a soft spot in his heart for you. 

Following you around all the time means your dog adores and loves you. Oxytocin is released when dogs interact with someone they like. Oxytocin, also known as the “love hormone,” is released when you’re with someone you adore. It gives you a warm, fuzzy feeling. In fact, dogs are very social creatures who enjoy spending time with their owners and playing with other dogs.

Your dog’s entire universe revolves around you, and they can’t imagine their life without you. They appreciate spending time with their best buddy because you make them feel joyful, comfortable, and safe. In spite of the fact that they may not always understand the concept of “personal space,” simply being in their presence is a huge compliment. 

5. Dog breeds that will remain loyal to their owner 

There are a wide variety of dog breeds that enjoy following their owners around everywhere they go, especially smaller lap dogs like French Bulldogs and Chihuahuas. This breed of dog was developed to be a friend, so it’s only natural that it wants to be near people. 

Herding dogs, such as German Shepherds and Australian Shepherds, are known for being devoted to a single owner and being extremely faithful. As a result, you can expect a sporty breed like a Golden Retriever or Labrador Retriever to be your constant companion wherever you go. 

6. Companionship 

We may be our dog’s only source of entertainment on a daily basis, making us their top priority. Our pets seek our company and our attention since we have such a tight bond with them. When dogs were domesticated, they began to place a higher value on their relationship with people.

Our dogs, on the other hand, perceive us as the center of their universe, no matter how many links and contacts we have with other people at work, school, or in social activities. Also, they like our company greatly. This sense of belonging and friendship gets ingrained in our daily lives and routines. It’s comforting to have a dog follow you about and make you feel needed and loved on occasion. 

7. Anxiousness 

Dogs’ anxiousness, fear, and anxiety are strikingly comparable to our own. Like humans, our dogs may seek solace in the company of someone who makes them feel secure when they become anxious. Separation from the person with whom the dog has formed a special attachment can exacerbate their anxiety. 

Why Does My Dog Follow Me Everywhere Stares at Me  Guide

Is it okay if my dog follows me around like a shadow? 

If your dog follows you around, it means they love and trust you and that you provide them with a sense of security. When someone pays careful attention to you, it could mean that they’re bored, curious, or terrified. Observing and following what you do is a natural component of their social behavior to assist them keep a healthy relationship with you.  

Dogs’ need to be near to their owners is a common behavior, but some dogs get overly clingy or even nervous when their owner goes on a trip or otherwise leaves them alone. There are a variety of techniques to assist your dog gain confidence, but if you have any concerns, you should always speak with your veterinarian or a dog behaviorist. 

You may question if your pet is benefiting from all the time she spends following you around. The connection between humans and animals is reciprocal. In the presence of a person, the dog is likely to come into contact with reinforcement, such as food rewards, petting, enjoyable activities, and company. 

In addition to helping your dog better understand you, the time she spends analyzing your every move also aids in her ability to grasp the meaning behind your actions. Dogs often appear to be watching our motions because of the growing body of data that suggests they have evolved a special ability to grasp human gestures, language, and tone.  

They’re keeping a close eye on us to see if we’re giving them any hints about our plans, or if we’re communicating with them in any way. You can also use this to let them know when it’s time to go for a walk, when you’re getting ready to go, or when it’s time for dinner. They’ve mastered both physical and verbal language in the animal kingdom’s equivalent of human proficiency. 

How to stop my dog from following me everywhere? 

So you’ve got a faithful dog who follows you about like a shadow, but you’d like to curb this tendency and give your pup more freedom. What options do you have? There are two ways to train your dog: one is to use doors/baby gates and other barriers to keep your dog away from you, and the other is to gradually build your dog’s confidence. 

You’ll get better outcomes if you combine the two ways. A lack of confidence often manifests as excessive attachment, which is another word for it. Here are a few ideas to help your dog become more self-reliant. 

In order to get your dog to stop following you around, you need to give him something else to do. This is a rather straightforward approach. 

1. Teach them to lay down 

Teaching clinging dogs to lie comfortably on a bed, towel, or mat might help them become more independent. When it comes to teaching your dog to do this, there are various approaches that have been proven to be effective. In order to train your dog to sit and be quiet in any situation, one choice is Karen Overall’s Protocol for Relaxation (available from Amazon). 

2. Treat them frequently 

Take a brand-new mat or bed and place it in front of your dog, then reward him for lying down on it. Reward him with a treat each time he succeeds. Once he has mastered this instruction, introduce distractions like placing treats nearby or having a family member stand a short distance away from his mat. He’ll get the hang of lying down and staying on his mat for extended amounts of time eventually. 

Instead, you’ll lay down a mat on the floor and designate it as your dog’s personal space. Spend lots of money rewarding your dog for going to the mat, and provide him with long-lasting toys to play with while he’s there. Put the command “go to your place” on cue so that your dog is redirected to that location instead of continuing to follow you. If your dog is having trouble keeping still at first, provide him with a stuffed Kong to keep him occupied. 

3. Install baby gates

 A baby gate will keep your dog from constantly following you around if you’re trying to reduce the Velcro dog syndrome. This can be a short-term fix while your dog builds up his self-confidence. You may keep him happy by throwing a Kong or some snacks just after you close the door when you leave the room. You want your dog to understand that when you go, wonderful things happen. 

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Top 5 FAQs & answers related to why does my dog follow me everywhere 

What has happened to make my dog so clingy? 

Clinginess in dogs is frequently learned. Clingy dogs are more likely to be sick or bored. Dogs, like cats, can get overly attached if they detect our fear or stress. Clingy dog habits are common in dogs with anxiety concerns. 

A dog that follows you around all the time means what? 

“Velcro dogs” allude to canines who follow their owners about like a shadow, as they are always by their side. The more affection or rewards your dog receives, the more likely it is that he will follow you about. 

Is it ok if your dog follows you around the house? 

The majority of the time, your dog’s desire to follow you is nothing to be concerned about, despite the fact that it can become irritating and even weird. If your dog’s compulsive following of you is a new tendency, a veterinarian or behavior expert may be able to help. 

Why does my dog insist on being beneath my feet all the time? 

The most obvious reason is that some dogs simply prefer to be with their human partners…. In this way, our relationship with dogs has changed during the course of domestication. Anxiety about Parting Ways (separation anxiety). When dogs are distressed because they are separated from their owners, separation anxiety is triggered. 

A dog may become overly dependent on its owner, but is this possible? 

A problematic hyper-attachment occurs in some dogs, and this creates anxiety when the owner is absent. These dogs are often referred to as Velcro dogs. Separation anxiety, not merely Velcro dog syndrome, is when your dog becomes concerned when you aren’t around. 


Why Does My Dog Follow Me Everywhere Stares at Me  Guide

Since dogs follow their masters around, it’s an indication that they love and respect them. They also show this by following them everywhere they go. When someone pays careful attention to you, it could be a symptom of several things: boredom, desire, fear, or just nosiness. Simply keep a tight eye on them and adhere to the advice provided above. If you have any concerns, call a veterinarian. 

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