If your dog has been sitting close to you, this post will explain why and what you can do about it.

So, what’s the deal with my dog sitting so close to me? Your dog may sit close to you because it seeks attention, it feels more secure, it is experiencing separation anxiety, or you may have rewarded the behavior.

There are several possible causes for your dog’s behavior, and it could be a combination of factors. However, there are some factors to consider when attempting determining the precise cause.

Why my dog does sit so close to me?

The various reasons why your dog sits so close to you will most likely provide some hints.

Why does my dog sit so close to my face

The following are some possible causes and what makes them more likely.

1. Seeking attention

It may do so to attract attention. This is more likely if it occurs more frequently when you have not been paying attention to it, tries to get you to pay attention to it when it occurs, and if you do tend to pay more attention to it when it occurs.

Instead, giving it attention throughout the day by training, playing with, and exercising would be beneficial. However, if you don’t want to do it, avoid rewarding it with attention when it sits close to you.

2. Anxiety about separation

It could be suffering from separation anxiety. This is more likely if it occurs more frequently when you are about to leave home and becomes anxious when you leave.

You could try to train it to be less anxious when you leave and when you are away in this case.

You could accomplish this by doing the following:

  • Make it appear as if you are about to leave by doing something like picking up your keys.
  • Reward your dog for being calm and repeat these two steps several times.
  • Pick up the keys and place your hand on the door handle to make more moves toward actually leaving.
  • Reward your dog for being calm and repeat the process several times.
  • Actually, open the door and go outside for a few moments before returning to reward your dog.
  • Rep the preceding steps, staying outside for a little longer each time.

3. Behavior rewarding

It may be sitting next to you because it is looking for rewards. If you give it things like toys, treats, or extra attention when it does it, it may do it more often in order to get more of those things.

Instead, it would be beneficial to reward it when it behaves appropriately and avoid rewarding it when it does not.

4. Comfort

Because dogs evolved as pack animals, it is natural for them to seek out other people and dogs in their pack. It could be that sitting next to you makes it feel safer. This is more likely if it does not try to force you to do things when it does it.

5. Protecting you

It’s possible that it does it to protect itself. This is more likely if it is a breed known for being overly protective, as well as if it is overly protective around other people or pets.

6. Spreading their aroma

Some dogs will sit in “your spot” on the sofa or even roll around all over it to spread their scent and show that you are theirs. When they don’t think that’s enough, they sit on you. Most dog parents don’t think much of this behavior at first, but it’s important to notice if it becomes a habit.

If your dog, does it after another dog has visited your home or after being outside, dog parents should pay closer attention to their pup. Extra attention will help your dog feel confident that he is completely yours, which may prevent unwanted marking inside the house.

7. The breed’s behavior

Certain dog breeds are extremely affectionate and need to be in your presence at all times. Great Danes, for example, are known to be gentle giants who prefer children. As a result, a large dog may attempt to sit on a tiny lap in order to bond with and protect his playmate.

Top 5 important things to consider when the dog sits so close to my face?

Consider the following:

1. Belief

Your pet will show his trust in you in a variety of ways. One of these methods is for him to sleep with his buttocks facing you. In the wild, feral dogs who lie on their backs expose themselves to attack.

If your dog exposes his vulnerable side while sleeping, he clearly trusts you! He’ll always keep his butt toward your face, though, because he knows you’ll protect him from potential threats.

2. He’s protecting you

On the other hand, if your dog sleeps with his bottom towards you, he may be protecting you. It’s his way of repaying you for all of your love and affection for him.

Your dog can keep an eye on the room by lying with his buttocks facing you.

3. Ventral contact

 Dogs dislike ventral contact (face-to-face or chest-to-chest). As a result, your pet will curl up with his tush facing you. It’s simply a more soothing and comforting position for him.

4. Avoiding eye contact

If your dog is shy, he may sleep with his back to you to avoid making eye contact. This is not always a bad thing. Your pet will need some time to get used to you. This is especially true if you rescued a dog from a shelter that had been abused or neglected. Allow your pet the space he requires.

5. Convenience

A simpler explanation for your dog sleeping with his buttocks facing you is that it is a comfortable position for him. He may lie on his side, stomach, or back.

4 Tips to do when your dog sits so close to your face

Here are some options for getting your dog to stop sitting so close to your face.

Why Does My Dog Sit So Close to My Face: Guide with Reasons

1. Positive reinforcement education

Positive reinforcement training involves rewarding your dog when it does what you want it to do and not rewarding it when it does not.

To get it to stop sitting close to you, try rewarding it when it does not sit close to you but would normally and training it to lay down somewhere else, as discussed in this post.

2. Refocusing its attention

Another option is to redirect its attention to something else whenever it appears to be about to sit close to you. You should be able to break the habit of doing it this way.

3. Negative reinforcement training should be avoided

As previously stated, it could have been discovered that sitting close to your results in rewards. Instead, rewarding it when it does not sit close to you and avoiding rewarding it when it does would be beneficial.

4. The most effective dog training program

The Dunbar Academy Training Program is our personal favorite. This is one of the best online dog training programs available right now if you want a happy and obedient dog.

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Top 5 FAQs and answers related to why does my dog sit so close to my face

Why does my dog keep staring at me?

When your dog looks you in the eyes, he is most likely conveying a message. Staring is a technique for capturing your full attention. You are your dog’s favorite “possession” and the center of his universe. Engaging with him is the most powerful reinforcer he knows.

Why is my dog sitting on my head?

They may sit on you or your head simply because they enjoy your reaction to it and have nothing better to do. If this is the case, providing them with toys or other items to occupy their time may provide you with the relief you seek.

Why does my dog insist on sitting so close to me?

A dog’s natural instinct is to curl up at its owner’s feet. This could be an expression of affection, similar to how you would choose to sit next to a friend or loved one. Some dogs prefer to stay on the floor rather than sit next to you on the couch, so they end up right next to or on top of your feet.

Do dogs lick you out of affection?

Yes, it’s possible that your dog is licking you because it adores you. That is why they are commonly referred to as “kisses.” Dogs express affection by licking people and, on occasion, other dogs. Licking is a natural behavior in dogs.

Why does your dog bury his face beneath your chin?

This is typically a sign of affection. Your dog is attempting to tell you that he adores you and enjoys your company. You can express your gratitude for your dog’s gesture by petting him in return.


Why Does My Dog Sit So Close to My Face: Guide with Reasons

If your dog is sitting close to you, this is a sign of affection. Your dog is trying to communicate to you that he adores you and enjoys your company. Or he feels safe in your presence. You can thank your dog for his kindness by petting him in return.

However, if your dog is invading your personal space, take the time to teach him the command “off.” The “off” command allows you to control when he can get up close and personal with you and when he needs to claim a space away from you. Keep your training fun and consistent, and you’ll quickly learn when to be close and when to give yourself space.

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