Find out why your Golden Retriever doesn’t like to snuggle with you and what you can do about it in this post. Why is my Golden Retriever so averse to snuggling with me? It could be a result of past owners mistreating it, illness or injury, being a puppy, a need for more exercise, depression, or a phobia.

Even if it isn’t, there are several things you can look into to narrow down the possibilities of why this is the case. Additionally, there are many things you may do to make it more comfortable for you. It’s likely that you’ll be able to deduce some of the reasons why your Golden Retriever dislikes being cuddled. What follows is a list of possible causes and the factors that increase their likelihood.

 It’s possible that the previous owners mistreated it, and that’s why it no longer wants to express affection to humans. A recent shelter adoption is more likely to result in such an event. The more time you spend with it, the more comfortable it will become. The only way to make it more comfortable around you is to give it a lot of attention in the form of exercise, training, and play.

Do golden retrievers like to cuddle? 

A cheerful and lovable dog breed, Golden Retrievers are continuously searching for ways to satisfy their owners. They’re also easy to train, appreciate the attention, and are wonderful additions to any household! However, do Golden Retrievers enjoy being cuddled by their owners?

When it comes to cuddling, Golden Retrievers are the best! Golden Retrievers show their affection for their owners by cuddling up to them. But it’s possible that some Goldens are more cuddly than others. Female Goldens, for example, is said to be less affectionate than their male counterparts. It’s not uncommon for Golden Retrievers to want to snuggle with other dogs.

As a Golden Retriever owner, you know that they will go to tremendous efforts to earn your trust and affection. In addition to cuddling, they demonstrate their affection in a variety of different ways. Your Golden Retriever may demonstrate affection in the following ways:

Why my golden retriever doesn’t like to cuddle?

Pet owners and their dogs can establish a strong bond through physical contact. It’s apparent that most of our pets enjoy being stroked by their owners. Stopping usually results in a smack and a “More, please!” look. However, you may be surprised to learn that not all dogs enjoy being pets. There’s no difference between a gentle stroke and a deep-tissue massage for these touch-averse dogs.

1. Dogs that don’t want to be cuddled

Assuming that all dogs enjoy petting is a common misconception, but there are a number of reasons why a dog may not enjoy cuddling, including Anti-cuddling dogs may have been mistreated in the past, and this is a terrible fact.

As a result of antiquated training methods, dogs that have been spanked, physically chastised, or otherwise mistreated could end up scared of human hands. Injuries or undiagnosed pain can make dogs wary of touch.

Petting can exacerbate pain in dogs with joint problems, strains and sprains, and even puppies in the middle of a growth spurt. In order to figure out if your dog is in discomfort, you should consult with a vet first.

2. A dog’s reluctance to pet itself

You can tell if your dog isn’t a fan of being cuddled by the way they react to being held, such as by running away or ducking their head as though they’re about to be smacked. Disliking someone might show up in subtle ways that are easy to miss, such as a succession of behaviors known as “calming signals” that occur swiftly.

A dog that leans away from you while you pat it and licks its lips indicates that she is not happy with the experience, for instance. There are a number of ways she may try to distance herself from you, such as avoiding eye contact or taking a few steps back.

3. When it comes to physical contact, listen to your dog’s cues

Instead of presuming that your dog is having fun with what you’re doing, pay attention to her body language for signs of how she feels about it. To begin, refrain from making any physical contact with your dog for a few days, save putting on the leash. Quitting lavishing affection on your dog may be difficult, but it’s necessary to demonstrate to your pet that you are aware of her messages.

4. Can you make your dog cuddly

As long as you’re patient and compassionate, non-cuddly dogs can learn to appreciate touch and even fall in love with it. But if you want your hands-off dog to enjoy contact, you’ll have to give him the reins. Follow these instructions to get started.

5. Observe your dog’s reaction to a pet test

A “pet test” is a terrific technique to see how any dog, petting or not, is feeling about physical contact at the time. After a week of not petting, try it. Watch your dog’s reaction to a few gentle massages on the chest or shoulders for around three seconds. In order to get closer to you, she’ll most likely lean against you or paw at you. If your dog is still apprehensive about your presence, she may not ask for more and may even move away from you if you stop petting her.

6. Giving your dog the space he deserves

Keep in mind that even the most affectionate of dogs may not always want to be hugged. Any dog’s tendency to appreciate being touched might be diminished in stressful situations, such as a trip to the veterinarian.

Petting a dog may be a rewarding experience, but only if you pay attention to your pet’s signals and learn what they’re saying to you. Your dog may never love snuggling up, even with a little remedial training. That doesn’t imply that your dog is ill or that she doesn’t love you.

7. Stress and anxiety may occur when you hug your golden retriever

I’m very sure you’ve already given your Golden Retriever a good smothering. It’s impossible to say no to something like this. Your Golden Retriever, with all of his gorgeous fluff! This is something I’ve done, too! I have and will continue to hug my Golden Retriever. My Golden Retriever has gotten used to being hugged. Your dog, on the other hand, has a different way of making you feel loved and joyful. Stressing your Golden Retriever out by giving them a big hug could possibly be making them more anxious.

8. Tips for the correct way to hug your golden retriever

Following these guidelines can help you avoid hurting your Golden Retriever during a bear hug: Approach your dog from the side, not the back. They may be startled by it. Avoid embracing your Golden if he is not used to or dislikes being embraced. Because you’re afraid your Golden Retriever may bite.

Hugs should be brief and to the point. To know if you should or should not hug your dog, always pay attention to your dog’s body language! If your dog hates being hugged, don’t do it! Find an alternative way to express your feelings.

9. A Golden Retriever’s need to be petted is insatiable

Petting a Golden Retriever while sitting on top of a boat. Every Golden Retriever owner knows how much their dog enjoys being handled. As well as being continually stroked and cuddled! If you don’t stop caressing your Golden Retriever for a moment, it will paw you. Goldens are expressing their displeasure with you if you stop touching them like this.

10. Routine and rules are absent

Your dog may not appear to need them, but he does. If your dog is behaving in an unruly manner, it’s probably because you haven’t taught him the proper etiquette. A dog’s existence needs structure, which can be provided through proper training. Your dog’s internal clock necessitates a schedule.

As much as possible, stick to a regular feeding schedule with your dog. If you can, get into a regular workout schedule as well. You’ll undoubtedly notice that your dog seems happy after a few days of following a set schedule. Routines and rules provide your dog with a sense of security and predictability.

Why do golden retrievers like to cuddle?

As part of their charm, they enjoy cuddling with their babies. The fact that dogs enjoy cuddling has both scientific and non-scientific explanations; both are essential to dog owners. Although they can’t speak, I still consider golden retrievers to be the best pets. Most of the time, we just want someone to listen and share the experience with us. Golden Retrievers are excellent at it.

However, this raises the issue, “What about snuggling?” We all need the warmth that comes from physical interaction. Where do we stand with our golden retrievers, you ask? Cuddle time with a golden retriever. It’s true that Golden Retrievers are known for their affectionate nature. They are extremely empathetic and affectionate, and they’ll even go out of their way to make you feel better if they think you need it. Goldens have a puppy heart and will always want to cuddle with you, no matter how old or big they get.

1. Do golden retrievers cuddle because they’re social animals

In order to better understand why people love golden retrievers, let’s first establish that they are soft and loving animals. Dogs’ oxytocin levels rise when cuddled in the same way humans’ do.

When we feel loved, we release oxytocin, which is the love hormone. As a result, many people identify it with a high level of trust. Human-dog relationships induce the same happy hormonal reaction as mother-baby interactions, according to recently published research.

2. It’s part of their DNA

As a result of this evolutionary advantage, certain wild dogs have an unfair edge over other animals and other wild dogs that are unable to bond with people in the same way, according to research.

They gained the most powerful ally on earth and ensured their own survival by forming strong bonds with humans, and they were able to breed successfully, which only amplified these characteristics through time.

3. Breeding

It’s all about the bottom line for breeders, and they quickly realized that certain psychological traits were more popular than others, so they concentrated on them just as much as they concentrated on physical traits.

Our goldens have become more friendly and devoted to us over the last century, which means they now desire to be even closer to us, which involves more cuddles. In addition to the breeders, we – as families – have also contributed to the creation of this product. Dogs that are loved by their owners are being bred to produce more of the same attributes.

4. Pain is all across their faces

When a dog is in pain, they do not want to be touched. Your dog may be depressed if they’re normally happy, affectionate, and cuddly and suddenly become glum and aloof. Perhaps you’ve missed a sickness or injury they’re dealing with.

Find out if they have any additional signs of injury or illness. Are there hair clumps on their coat, for example? Is there an abnormally high amount of feces? Do they have any red patches on their skin? The paws, for example, maybe get some licking.

5. One of the kindest dogs in the world

Golden Retrievers are devoted to their families and will spend as much time as possible with them. Their preferred method of expressing their affection is to spend as much time as possible with their owners, cuddling and getting comfortable on the couch, floor, or even the bed.

Possibly they’ve also discovered that humans enjoy cuddling, which is why they’ll do it over and over again to make you happy. Another characteristic of Golden Retrievers is their penchant for rubbing their paws on their legs as a show of devotion. Like touching hands with a Golden Retriever, it’s kind of like that.

6. Bad Things that have happened in the past

If a dog was abused or mistreated by its prior owners, it might be less affectionate when adopted from a shelter. Keep a safe distance and avoid physical contact with them, as they have good memory like us and will strive to avoid repeating past mistakes.

7. Provides comfort and coziness

It’s a great way to keep warm in the winter. This is true for both us humans and our four-legged friends. Because of this, you might find that your dog is snuggling more often or for longer in the winter than in the summer.

Signs that your dog doesn’t like cuddling?

Every now and then, we Golden Retriever parents have to ponder the thoughts and feelings of our beloved canine companions. There is a lot going on in there, as we are aware. Emotions and intelligence are clearly visible in their eyes, and the wheels of their minds are almost always turning.

Our Golden Retrievers have shown us that they can express a variety of emotions, including sadness, joy, fear, and even anger. As a result, it’s not surprising that they’d feel the same way about love. And, in a way, we can be sure they do. It’s a certainty.

We have a special place in our hearts for our four-legged friends. We’re often surprised by how much we take for granted. Because of this, it’s reasonable to wonder if they care about us and, if so, how.

10 signs that show your golden retriever loves you

The majority of dogs enjoy being cuddled at some point or another. What are your thoughts? I’m curious if larger dogs, such as golden retrievers, enjoy cuddling. Yes, golden retrievers are known for their love of cuddling, hugging, snuggling, and leaning against individuals they care about. Because they have an intuitive relationship with their family and friends, golden retrievers like cuddling, this bond is sometimes referred to as an innate sense or intuition.

1. They’re sneezing in your face

It’s typical for a golden retriever to rub its nose on you to get as much information as it can about you, and it’s also common for dogs to do the same thing with other dogs. A nose massage is a sure sign that your golden retriever adores you.

2. I’m going to lick you

Obviously, when your dog licks you, it implies they adore you, and their licks are on par with our kisses in their book. If your dog licks you, it’s a sign that they value you as a member of their pack and will protect you at all costs.

3. Delivering goods and services to you

A golden retriever can also show their affection by bringing you gifts, such as a sock, a shoe, or a stick from the backyard that they’ve found. This doesn’t take away from the fact that these gifts are adorable. As a result, the next time your golden delivers you something, be sure to show them how much you appreciate them by praising them. In this article, you’ll learn more about the reasons behind your golden’s gifting habits.

4. The dog’s tail is wagging

If your golden retriever wags his tail every time you go into the room or when you call him, then he loves you and is showing his affection by waging his tail when he is happy.

5. Is it possible for a dog to be overly cuddly

The answer to this question varies from dog to dog and family to family. Some pet parents may not prefer to be hugged by their dog regardless of the breed. If that is the case, then sure, there is a limit to how much snuggle time a person can share. Golden retrievers appear to have an intuitive link with their pet parents at times and may be able to foresee when it is not a suitable time for cuddles, which is encouraging news.

6. Cuddle with you as much as possible

Cuddling is a common way for golden retrievers to display their love and affection for their owners. As a rule, if your golden is in love with you, they’ll constantly stay near by your side, whether you’re watching a movie with your family or sitting on the floor in front of you.

7. establishing direct visual contact

Dogs emit oxytocin when they stare you in the eyes, which is a bonding hormone found in all animals (the bonding hormone). So, if your golden makes eye contact with you on a regular basis, you can be sure they adore you.

8. As soon as they hear your name, they get pumped up

If your dog gets pleased when they hear your name, then you have found true love, my friend. There are a few ways to tell if you and you’re golden are awakened from a nap by your golden’s actions.

9. Resting on your back

An obvious sign of affection is if your golden leaves the room and settles on your lap. Dogs exhibit their trust in people by being vulnerable around them and letting their guard down when on your lap.

10. squeezing you with their paws

In order to get your attention, golden retrievers will often place their paws on or around you. Consequently, if you’re doing anything and your dog puts its paw on your leg, you should offer it extra attention or just give them the attention they crave throughout the day, so they don’t have to ask for it.

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People also ask questions and answers related to my golden retriever doesn’t like to cuddle

Having a pet that doesn’t enjoy being cuddled is a sign of something more serious?

While the reasons why some dogs enjoy cuddling may be evident, the reasons why others dislike it may be more difficult to pin down. When you hug or snuggle a dog, you limit their ability to communicate effectively, which is one of the main reasons they despise it.

How can I get my Golden Retriever to be more cuddly?

If your dog used to be affectionate but has now stopped, this could be a clue that something is wrong. If your dog’s behavior or activities significantly alter, you should take him to the doctor to rule out any underlying health issues.

Can I teach my dog to enjoy being hugged?

To get a dog to snuggle with you, you must first build a trusting and physical bond with them. It may take some time and care to build that trust and show them that they can enjoy physical contact. Even if you’re cuddling with a dog, communication and engagement are essential.

How can you tell whether your dog truly cares about you?

Your dog may lick your face, jump on you, and wag its tail at you. One way to tell if they miss and love you is if they get excited and delighted to see you. They want to be touched. There are a variety of ways to show your affection, such as a short nuzzle or embrace.

You can’t kiss your pet?

In the majority of circumstances, we advise against kissing your dog. Recent studies have shown that dog saliva may aid with wound healing. Yes, your dog’s mouth is full of bacteria. Pasteurella is a bacteria found in cats’ and dogs’ mouths that can cause infections of the skin, lymph nodes, and other organs.


Despite how much you’d like to cuddle your Golden Retriever, it’s definitely in your best interest to resist. Hugging a Golden Retriever is an unpleasant experience for them. Even those with whom you have a tight relationship can’t stand it.

You can teach your Golden to accept hugs, but why not demonstrate your love in other ways? What your Golden actually wants is time spent with you, belly rubs, and ear scratches. Is your Golden Retriever a fan of being cradled in your arms? Despite your best efforts, you can’t help but give your Golden Retriever a bear hug. Maybe you have a Golden Retriever who enjoys giving kisses and snuggles.

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