You might wonder, why are Corgis so popular?” In today’s world, the most prominent pet that we maintain is none other than a dog. Dogs always seem to be our most devoted companions, regardless of age. Dogs are becoming more and more significant in our lives as pets.

Whether our family is wealthy or impoverished, we can enjoy the benefits of having a pet dog. Pet dogs can also help us relax after a long day at work. Who doesn’t like to see their pet dog greet them as soon as they enter the house?

What’s the history of Corgis?

Why are Corgis so popular

During 1200 BCE, Corgis were supposed to have originated in Cardiganshire, Wales. For nearly 300 years, they have been utilized as herding dogs.

They were first recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1934, with the Bullmastiff, Lakeland Terrier, and Brittany Terrier. Currently, we’re talking about the Pembroke Corgi, which would be the younger of the two breeds (the other being the Cardigan).

There hasn’t been much news concerning corgis, aside from the Queen. Until the last year, Queen Elizabeth II possessed at least one Corgi at any specified instant since 1933.

The Queen’s canines were frequently shown accompanying her whenever she made the headlines. Of course, considering her popularity with the Royals, corgis soon became a household name.

When did Corgis become popular?

This Google Trends popularity chart demonstrates an increase in corgi interest over time. The reputation of corgis has nearly doubled in just 14 years. Corgis have retained their reputation since then. But it doesn’t appear that the corgi breed will go out of style soon.

According to the AKC, corgis were the 15th most prominent dog breed in 2017, which corresponded to the chart above. This suggests that corgis peaked in popularity in 2017 and has gradually dropped.

How did Corgi become the hottest dog in this year?

Unsurprisingly, even the most bootylicious dog breed is enjoying a moment in 2019’s butt-obsessed culture. According to the American Kennel Club, the short-legged, long-bodied, rump-wiggling Corgi has progressively climbed the ranks of America’s most popular breed. They were ranked 24th in 2008 and 13th in 2018.

The breed’s popularity, which was developed in Wales in the 12th century for herding livestock (ideal leg-nipping height; cattle find it difficult to kick), is also increasing online and on television. Corgis have been featured in several popular memes.

Over 90,000 people have seen a video of “Queer Eye” actor Antoni Porowski freaking out over a corgi’s “tiny baby paws!” The hunky hound also appears in Netflix’s “The Crown” (Queen Elizabeth has had more than 30 dogs) and the cult anime series “Cowboy Bebop,” which is being recreated this year by the streaming giant.

Despite its cuteness, the breed has significant flaws. According to the AKC, their delightfully stubby bodies make them susceptible to obesity and require a lot of activity to avoid potential hip and joint problems. Corgi owners say that while treats encourage them, they’re inclined to nip and bark, which are attributes that help herd cattle but can be bothersome at home.

What about Corgis and the Queen?

The royal link has also influenced televisions, which in turn has influenced the breed’s popularity. The Corgi has risen in popularity in the media, thanks in part to appearances in shows like Netflix’s ‘The Crown,’ which is based on the royal family.

Corgis have also appeared in many other TV shows, notably the iconic anime series ‘Cowboy Bebop.’ As a result, the use of Corgis in television shows has spawned a slew of viral memes. The video of Antoni Porowski of ‘Queer Eye’ fame freaking out about corgis is one of the most renowned. Porowski mentions them possessing baby paws that smell like pup-peroni in that meme.

What are the 20 reasons why Corgis are so popular?

Below listed and explained are twenty potential reasons why Corgis are so popular.

1. They’re adorable

There’s no need for an explanation. People from all over the globe admire this dog. They’re challenging to resist with their long dachshund body, lowrider, stocky feet, and pointed ears.

This serves to increase their appeal. For the casual observer, a dog’s “cuteness” is everything.

As a result, there is a significant variation in popularity and acceptability. Corgis are no different. Although Corgis shed a lot, that’s just corgi glitter.

2. They have an interesting backstory

Pembroke Welsh corgis date back to the 10th century, and Vikings and Flemish weavers are thought to have brought them back from Wales to employ as herding dogs. Fairies used them to draw their coaches or ride them into war, according to Welsh folklore, and fairy marks may still be seen on their backs if you look carefully. As a result, they are pretty magical.

3. They are simple to train

Corgis are relatively straightforward to train, thanks partly to their inherent intelligence. According to experts, corgis are the 11th (Pembroke) and 26th (Cardigan) most intellectual canines.

Experts also claim that they can remember a minimum of 165 words. This enables training your Corgi simple throughout their lives, especially during their three-month socialization stage. Your Corgi can rapidly learn five accessible commands. Teach them various commands to make the most of your time together.

4. Corgis are intelligent dogs

Although herding sheep necessitates considerable analytical labour, Corgis have exceptional logistical and troubleshooting abilities. The problem is that they must always have something to work on or a task to complete; else, they would become bored and act out. Fortunately, there are still plenty of dog puzzles to keep clever canines occupied. It’s also a lot of joy to have an intelligent dog.

5. They’re all over social media

Anyone who owns a corgi can tell you what happens when they take their dog for a walk. Children and adults want to pet the dog or take pictures with it. For whatever reason, this dog breed attracts a lot of memes, interest, and crowds. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy in this case. The more beloved a dog is, the more care it will receive.

6. They are sociable

Corgis are gregarious and get along well with various animals, but they adore other dogs. Every month, corgi meetups occur across the country, where owners assemble their dogs for an exquisite gathering of hundreds of corgis who embrace one another by delicately booping noses.

7. They have a pleasant demeanor

Corgis have a lot of personalities. They’re far from being wallflowers. They are the centre of attention since they are intelligent and enjoy receiving attention. And each has its own distinct and boisterous personality. This may be tiresome for some, but it does make them appear more human. And a few of them are so well-known that they have viral video channels where they work.

8. They are simple to transport

Outdoors and corgis are much easier to control, exceptionally if they’ve already been trained. They’re likewise easier to pack into aircraft, hotels, and restaurants, making them the ideal vacation companion. You can even accompany them on a hike. Make sure you have all the necessary supplies, such as a first-aid kit, a harness, and dog food.

If you’re going hiking, try to keep your dog on the ascent slopes as much as feasible. Keep your Corgi away from the rocky terrain because traversing boulders of varying heights can be unpleasant for their joints.

9. Since 1945, the queen has owned over 30 royal corgis

So why should Queen Elizabeth have owned over 30 corgis during her lifetime if they weren’t the right fit? The Queen is such a fan of this breed that it’s thought Meghan Markle’s welcome into the royal family was due to how quickly they took to her when they first encountered.

10. They don’t require a lot of workouts

Corgis have a reputation because of being high-maintenance dogs, but maintaining their body weight is pretty simple. You don’t need to feed them too much or give them many exercises.

To maintain their joints healthily, your pet requires 30 minutes to an hour of daily activity. In reality, you can spread it according to your available time during the day.

11. The Corgi sploot is a well-known image

Whenever corgis splay, their tiny paws, and their bums resemble two chicken wings that you can’t stop yourself from squeezing, it’s called a sploot. The Corgi’s signature maneuverer is sploot. You must watch the video of a corgi that is so loyal to his sploot that some owners use them to wipe the floors.

12. Corgis are simple to care for and feed

Corgis have insatiable appetites and eat like crazy, although each dog has favourites, and switching diets might be difficult. They have a propensity toward overeating, which makes feeding them a breeze. Just watch the amount of food you eat.

13. They make excellent guard dogs

One of the significant drawbacks of corgis is their propensity for barking. On the plus side, this, plus the fact that they are highly attentive and watchful of you and rarely leave your side, means they make excellent bodyguards. No robber will dare to break into your home because the Corgi will hear him approaching and scare him away with his terrible big-dog bark.

Despite their diminutive size, they carry a powerful punch. They are unconcerned with the size of the enemy. If something doesn’t appear quite right, you can be confident that your Corgi will notice and begin barking.

14. They are friendly with kids

Families with children can even own a dog. This, however, makes them accessible to a large number of families. Corgis are intelligent dogs. Even though they might be stubborn, they are easier to train and housebreak.

15. They enjoy booping

When a corgi goes near your face and smacks its snouts against your nose in a slobbery, distinctive corgi expression of adoration, it’s called a “boop.” It can also describe the technique of continually caressing their snouts and “booping” them, which they don’t appear to dislike.

16. They can run very fast

Don’t be fooled by those tiny legs. Corgis are remarkably quick, as they must be able to run twice as quickly as the sheep or cattle; they are herding to keep up. Each year, there are numerous corgi racing activities, as well as a corgi racing association that keeps records of them. It’s also a lot of fun to compete with one in the parks, even if the dog will always win.

17. They enjoy being the centre of attention

All dogs enjoy pats on the head, but corgis never tire of your affection. There is no such thing as too many belly massages, and they never seek “alone time.” This may appear needy and tiring to some, but if you adore corgis, it’s lovely to have a regular outlet for your infinite adoration.

18. Their face is expressive

You can always tell how happy, unhappy, or shocked your Corgi is by looking at their dramatic facial expressions. And no matter how they’re doing, their cartoonish features are always hilarious.

19. They have a lot of energy

Many people believe that corgis have the best energy levels of any dog. They are pretty active and, therefore, can quickly be taken out for the entire day without becoming fatigued, but they are not hyperactive and do not require as long of a walk as some other breeds.

20. They aren’t picky eaters

Corgis are easy to feed because they are not picky eaters. They will even eat veggies that they dislike. On the other hand, owners cannot keep feeding or overfeeding their corgis, which may easily lead to obesity, malnutrition, significant hair loss, and improper skeletal growth.

We must pay close attention to its diet and regular and quantitative feeding. It is preferable to select high-quality dog diets that are nutrient-dense. Your corgis will become healthier and healthier over time.

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Top 5 FAQs and answers related to why Corgis are so popular

Below are five frequently asked questions (FAQs) in the context of “why are Corgis so popular?” followed by appropriate answers.

What is it about Corgis that makes them so popular?

For a multitude of reasons, corgis are extremely popular. They’re tiny, which contributes to their adorableness. Furthermore, they are exceedingly lightweight and portable. This makes them ideal for international travel. They’re also energetic dogs. As a result, you’ll have plenty of reasons to play and enjoy yourself.

Are Corgis understanding?

Yes. Corgis are intelligent and great listeners. They appeared to be unusually sensitive to people’s emotions. If you are angry or upset, you could converse with your Corgi; it will remain by your side, silently listen to you, and use its approach to help you feel better.

What is the Corgi royal effect?

When it comes to Elizabeth II, the Queen of England, everybody is familiar with the corgis by her side. This is because Elizabeth II was accompanied by her corgis everywhere she went. Ever since, the reputation of corgis has skyrocketed, attracting an increasing number of people to keep them as pets.

Do Corgis get along with kids?

Corgis, particularly for kids, are pleasant and friendly. They have a lot of fun with kids. They are the children’s guardian dogs. Have a corgi at home; it will assist you in caring for your kids.

Are mixed Corgi breeds cute?

Mixed breed corgis are exceptionally adorable since they look like a corgi masquerading as another breed.


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